Updating the Ethiopian Food Composition Table

- Training Materials -

Part 1 - Basic Principles of Compilation​

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Importance of FCTs/FCDBs

Pillars of food composition data

FAO/INFOODS contributions

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Managing food composition data

Compilation methods and process

Data sources and archival database

Compilation tools for use

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Conventions and modes of expression

Units, denominator, component definition, analytical methods

INFOODS component identifiers (tagnames)

Compilation tools for compiling archival database

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Example of compilation​

Practical example of how to evaluate

and compile analytical data from

scientific articles into our Compilation tool

Part 2 - Selection of Foods and Components

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Selection of foods​

Foods included in a Food Composition Table (FCT)

Approaches to select priority foods for inclusion, update and analysis

Consequences of poor coverage of certain food categories

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Selection of components​

What is the basic need for information?

Criteria to select other components

Resource implications

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What are the next steps?​

In this video, I will show you an example of

how we will aggregate the information collected

to create the updated FCT for Ethiopia

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Where are we?​

Elaboration of the draft list of priority foods

Expert judgment needed

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Selection of recipes​

Introduces some important concepts for recipe calculation

Explains why we need to select  the recipes at this stage,

and what we need to consider to create the list of recipes

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Selection of foods for analysis

Summarizes the selection of  priority foods for inclusion in the new FCT

Presents the criteria for selecting foods for analysis and

the feedback required from the compilation team

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Collecting recipe information

Explains how we will collect the list of ingredients for all recipes and make 

the food matching with the current list of foods for inclusion in the EFCT

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